"DIY" Do It Yourself and helpful links.

        Should you do it yourself?   This is the question i hear a lot and it always comes down to knowledge and confidence.  Stripping varnish off or sanding gel coat and paint seems overwhelming sometimes. You read the internet, watch tons of video's but still hire someone at the end? 
       We are here to help either before you get going to recommend products and how they will react, to During if you run into trouble to help guild you through this. We DO NOT charge for this help. We have a passion for boats and repairs. So wether it's working with:
gel coat repairs or spray, fiberglass restoratuions and repairs, painting a repair, completely painting the boat or wondering if you should take on

that wood project you have been putting off? we would love to help give you confidence to tackle any job. The plus side of a company offering this is we have 27 years invested experience to know some do's and dont's that normally kill anyone's motivation to take on any project.

            Our "DIY" page is always updated regulary with new links and video's to help you through yopur project. From wood boat restorations, boat painting tech info and helpful tricks that it took professionals years to learn.

National Links                                     California links                                                                 Florida links

Basic Color Wheel                               Svendsens-  DIY boat yard  Alameda, Ca_                                  Merritt Supply  -Wholesale Palm Beach
Awl Grip Color Chart                         Berkely Marine Center  DIY boat yard Berkely, Ca                   Boat owners Wharehouse  Rivera Beach

Fibre Glast                                            SF Sailing       Boat repair and info site Bay Area                       The Ways Marine  DIY yard PBG, Fl
West Marine                                                                                                                                                         Boat Trailers Rental  South Florida

Volvo Engine Data Base                                                                                                                                    Seminole Boat Yard
                                                                                                                                                                                 Glue Products

                                                                                   Colorado Links

                                                                       Plasticare  Englewood, Denver
                                                                       Props plus  Denver

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