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5 layers of fiber glass installed on deck
5 layers of fiber glass installed on deck
Fiber glassing and repairing  alligator tanks 19 tanks
Upper rail damage  before work
fiber glassed rails sanded down and ready for primer paint
Rudder Damage before pic
Rudder Damage before pic

Racering Boat

22 ft Sisu DownEatern

Alligator farm

62ft Techno Rudder Damage

 5 layers of fiberglass over the deck and rear stringers for extra support to hold a heavy load.

Side deck rail were completely shot with 8 holes needing fibertglass and material. Engine cover was covered in micro cracks and needed new fiberglass installed over the cover.

   19 Tanks 26 ft long and 6x6 completely cracked in the thousands in areas. Needeed900 lbs of fiberglass and 68 gallons of epoxy.

Rudder damage from hitting the sand bar. Removed damage and 4 layers of fiberglass. Rudder staid straight.