About us


Welcome to Dans Bottom Dwellers, were taking care of your boat is our number 1 goal. Protecting your vessel.

gel coat, fiberglass ,painting, woodwork, detailing,Fabrications, maintenance and much more is

what we do.

  We will take care of your vessel as if it's one of our own. We will treat your repairs and restorations as if we were the customer and in doing this we believe that customer service and reliability along with quality and honesty is the best policy. Your vessel is your baby and investment to happy times along the water with family and friends. Taking care of damages when you see them will help protect your vessel from further damage and higher repair bills too.

  There are 3 Locations to serve you in, So wether your in South Florida were the weather elements, from the sun and salt mist help tear away at the protective layer and in turn will kill the paint and gel coat. To Northern California (Bay Area) and Colorado weather with extreme condition changes. The hot and dry to very cold and brittle seasons start shrinking your fiberglass under layer leaving you with a major repair bill.There is no job to big or small that we will not work on. To the DIY (do it yourself) kind of person, are phones are always open to help you through your project right the first time.